It has been some time since I have made a post here.   I want to write a really quick note for my readers.   This blog is not just about making money.  This blog is about succeeding.  This blog is about learning.  This blog is about helping others.   This blog is about NEVER GIVING UP!  I am excited for what the future holds.   I hope that  you can see I am a real girl here doing my thing and learning the ropes right in front of you to inspire both myself and you that it is entirely possible to do anything you put your mind to , in this case making money online.    Please know that I am here to help where I can and point you in the right direction.  I sincerely hope that you find my blog helpful and inspiring.   I hope to hear from you at some point.   You can do this thing.   I am going to be creating posts to show my real time income from this blog.   Right now I am still in the very early stages.  But I want you, dear readers to know that this is as real as you are gonna get.  I’m showing you my journey real time.  I am not here to make a buck off of you.   I’m here to show the world what can be done.    I’ve been away for a little while,  but I am back.   I will NEVER GIVE UP!



How to Make Money Using Amazon Programs

If you shop til you drop on Amazon,  you need to read  this article to find out how to MAKE MONEY using amazon programs!


I have to share this with you Amazon lovers!  Stop spending all your money at and start earning some!   Check it out!  Here are two ways to make money with Amazon.

  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

So what is FBA?   FBA stand for Fulfillment By Amazon.   To be straight and to the point using FBA is a way to participate in retail arbitrage.   You buy products, send them to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and list them.   Next you sell them to make a profit.    The Fulfillment Centers take care of all the packaging, shipping and handling, and customer service so you can focus on all the other aspects of your business.

There are many books and programs that teach more about how to get into this business.  There are special tools that will help you know what items you would want to purchase and where to purchase them in order to make a profit.  Retail arbitrage can be fun for someone who likes to shop.   Even though I do not personally choose to do this business,  I do feel confident from the research I have done that it is a legitimate way to create a business for yourself.

If you want to learn more about how you can become an FBA seller  I recommend this book for starters.


I have heard a lot about folks having trouble with their Amazon accounts in this business.   So I would also recommend reading this book to see what Cynthia has to say about protecting yourself in this Amazon business.   I got your back,  you see.   You gotta know what you are getting into!   :)



  •  Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?   Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions for promoting products.   In this case you would be promoting products from    The most common way to promote affiliate products is through a blog or website.   The first step is to sign up with the Amazon affiliate program.   They do ask if you have a website in their sign up process so you will want to have a blog or website to show them.  Once you are approved you can promote products of your choice by using the affiliate links from your account.   When someone purchases through your links you will receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing is by far my favorite way to make money online.    I love how you can promote anything you choose and it is a way to set up residual income.    Of course you do need to know what you are doing but it is something that anyone can learn if they put their mind to it.    If you are interested in going down this road I know exactly where to direct you.   You can get started right away!



Here are a few reason why:

  •  2 FREE WEBSITES to get you started (WITH HOSTING)


I hope this information helps you on your quest to find financial freedom!   Please do write to me if you have any questions.   I love to hear from you!


How to Avoid Work from Home Scams and Find Success

Know how to avoid work from home scams if you want to be successful.


Here are some tips to keep you safe and help you find your way!

Trust me on this!   I know you want to find a way to finally make money online.  You’ve been searching and searching and you know it can be done and you are determined to make it happen for you!   Please listen to common sense.   If it seems too good to be true,  it more than likely is.   It should seem obvious but I know that I have fallen for one too many “too good to be true” opportunities out there just hoping that this one might be different.   Take it from me.  Just don’t do it.    If you are going to make money online,  it’s first off going to have to make some sense.


So this sort of goes without saying after my previous bullet point,  but just say you are starting to fall for something.  Maybe you watch a sales video and you click through to the next funnel page.   The marketing is working!   You just want to know more.   You are falling for it.   That shiny new car and mansion has to be yours!  WAIT A MINUTE!  COME BACK TO EARTH!   This is a RED FLAG!  More than likely you do NOT want to go down that road!  Turn it off,  its a bunch of HYPE!  A real product with value does not need a bunch of hype.   TRUST ME ON THAT!   I’ve fallen for many a sales funnel and even learned to create them.   But I’ve found a better road now.  :)  If there is one page sales videos , or videos that don’t tell you really much about the product and want your money,  or up-sells once you do buy in….you better hope you can get your money back!  Definitely NEVER try something if they do not give a money back guarantee.   Which brings me to my next point…


More than likely you will need to get your money back.   I tried many products that I also asked for my money back and most if not all were Click Bank products.     I now know that those products,  while they could be used to make money are not worth the money.   They are inferior when it comes to actually learning to make money online and they are just making lots of bucks off of the many many people searching to learn to make money online for themselves!   I will bet you they make more money than the majority of those who buy their products.   I do not recommend going down that road.


Please note that I am not saying that these people are necessarily lying, though I believe lots of them are.   But usually if they have the dramatic story they are trying to sell you on their product not really help you get your own business going.


It is true you can build your own online business.  But you will have to put in some work.   The programs that claim to be CLICK BUTTON are in my experience teaching affiliate marketing which is what I believe is the best way to make money online.  But programs that promote it as CLICK BUTTON are misguiding you and chances are if you buy into their program you will find out that it is definitely not as they made it seem at all.     Also they typically do not teach well and are more about making money off of you buying their program.


Whenever you are interested in something it is a good idea to find the name of the company and contact info and google it!  (If you cant’ find it that’s a red flag!)  Try and find reviews that are both positive and negative.   Chances are it will help you figure out if it’s worth your time.


If you ever get an email or text that is asking you for your personal info such as bank account number or social security.  NEVER fall for it.   It is a scam.   Period.


I just want to say that I do not recommend building a business off of an MLM opportunity.   The business model is flawed.   In the end you are just selling overpriced product and getting people to join in a pyramid.   That is NOT YOU having your own business.   If the company goes down so do you and even if you become successful you are going to be one of the few.   Most people in MLM’s are NOT successful anyway.   I cannot recommend it to anyone,  which is why I am not part of one.    :)


There ARE other things that could be considered RED FLAGS when it comes to identifying a scam.  But these are enough to help you avoid the dreaded scams.




And now…(Drum roll please…)  If you want to check out something I can confidently say is not a scam at all…..CLICK HERE!
You can ask me anything you like after reading about it!  I reply to all comments!

Thanks for reading! Please leave me a comment if you find this helpful or can share with me some RED FLAGS you have come across in your search for success online!




Top Online Business Ideas

So here are my 5 favorite top online business ideas for my readers who are looking to start their own business.


I chose these because in my own search to start making money online I ran across  these recommendations the most and believe them to be among the best ways for anyone to start their own business utilizing the internet.

I hope you find this helpful and are able to hire yourself and fire your day job boss ASAP! :)

1. Start your own Blog


I’m pretty sure with the blogging trend these days that you already know blogging can make you money.    If you know how to use proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is a plus for you.   That is going to be important to make sure your blog site gets plenty of traffic because without that it won’t be making much money.    Without going into detail here are 3 ways that you can monetize a blog.

  • Placing ads on your blog
  • Connect with brands (Get sponsored Campaigns)
  • Use affiliate marketing

Blogs are a great way to gain fans and followers if you build it up with valuable information and or entertaining information.   If you are keeping in your niche or (theme) and offering products or services that are relevant to what you write about,  you can make a lot of money.

LEARN  HOW TO START your own blog FREE (Newbies Welcome)

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer


So What is affiliate marketing?   Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions from promoting products.   You can promote others products or your own.   Many companies these days offer affiliate programs.   All you have to do is sign up to become an affiliate and then use links from your affiliate account to promote the item.  If someone buys through your link then you will be paid a commission by the company.    If you use the proper strategies you can make a full time income from this process.   It does require knowledge and proper strategies.

So that is the basics of what affiliate marketing is,  but obviously there is more to it if you want to generate full time income.  It’s not hard to learn,  it’s just harder to find a good teacher I think.  If you are interested in learning more about how to make affiliate marketing a full time business there are lots of programs on the internet that teach  the basics.  But, be careful.  In my experience, some of these programs are not teaching properly or with-holding important information and just making money off of selling their program to you.   I definitely would not try any program that does not offer a 30-60 money back guarantee or a FREE way to see what they offer before you pay.    I have asked for my money back on many programs because they are too hard to understand or I have not been successful with the teaching.  I have good news for you though!   I have found one program I am very happy with and definitely recommend.   There is NO hype and they actually offer the top dollar commissions on their own affiliate program so it’s a no- brainer if you are interested in affiliate marketing.  They allow you to start FREE so you can see what it all is first hand!

CLICK HERE to find out my top recommendation for learning to do affiliate marketing as a full time business.

3. Be A Freelance Writer


Have you dreamed of being a writer?   It is actually a really great way to make money online.   Freelance allows you some awesome flexibility.   You can choose which way you want to go by pursuing anything from magazine writing to guest blogging.   There are definitely pro’s and cons to each.   For example, ( from what I understand ) you may get paid more for magazines then you would from guest blogging,  but it is easier to start up as a guest blogger.   Also you can build relationship easier with people as a guest blogger where as with a magazine it can be harder to establish a relationship and get regular work.

CLICK HERE to learn one way to start your own Freelance Work

I also would like to take the time to recommend starting your own blog if you are interested in becoming a freelance writer.   My idea would be to go ahead and blog everything you learn and then monetize that blog!   BAM!  Two streams of income!

4. Become A Coach or Mentor


Maybe you have never though about being a coach or teaching someone a skill.   Anything you know can be shared.   If you learn how to market yourself properly I think this is such a great way to have your own business.  Maybe you play an instrument,  or know yoga.  Or maybe you want to tutor kids or teach art.    Perhaps you are a gamer, or know a lot about animals,  or have great SEO skills.   Any of this can be shared.  You could offer services as a teacher or coach.    All of this can be done online.

Here are two main ways this could be packaged:

  • Sell a Video Series

This would require doing a lot of work before you actually make a profit but could be very beneficial .   If you did go this way I would make sure to be very available via email for questions and support.   Interaction with your customers is always going to make for better business!


You could do personal sessions via skype or google hang out and charge for that.   Also I have personally used life coaching services that are done via email.  The coach would have a 72 hour window to respond and I paid him monthly .

Another idea I’d like to mention is e books.   E books can be used as promotion or you can also sell them.   It is a really good idea to have a free e book to offer online to get yourself out there!

As with ANYTHING you do online I will always be the first to recommend that you have a blog website as your home base and of course monetize that as another source of income!

5. Become A Social Media Manager


What is a social media manager?   Are companies really hiring for this?   Social Media Managing is definitely a job on the rise.    The great news is that you could decide to build your own clientele and start your own Media Managing business!    There are lots of courses online these days that offer advise and training on how you can get that going.   I definitely recommend looking into it if you like being on social media.

The basics of what you would do for companies include:

  • Writing posts and scheduling them
  • Making Graphics
  • Writing to fans (replying to comments etc.)
  • Running Ads

Of course Facebook is one of the main social media outlets you would manage but some companies may also want you to use Twitter or Instagram as well.   You could decide what you offer with your services and talk to your clients about their needs when you have your initial meetings.

You will need to know how to manage your own time well and be organized especially if you want to be able to manage more than one company.    Also you will have to learn how to get your own clients.  There are lots of courses online these days that offer advise and training on how you can get this business going.   I definitely recommend looking into it if you like being on social media.  It is a great way to make money and since you are your own boss you can decide when you want to do the work!    If you love social media you may as well learn to be paid to be on facebook! guessed it!  It would be smart for you to start a blog about your Social Media Management business.   It definitely couldn’t hurt.   You can learn how to  START ONE FOR FREE (CLICK HERE)  A blog is a great way to drive traffic to your business!  I recommend learning this skill for any business you choose.



I hope you find one or more of these ideas inspiring.   If you have any ideas to share here in a comment I would love this post to be full of inspiration for all!   Share your ideas below and let me know what you think of my top 5 !


CHEERS!!!!    B

Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit?

So you’re wondering…Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit?

Let me give you my honest review and tell you what is up. :)

You may have heard this much….


PRODUCT_NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100  (only because nothing is perfect right?-but this is close)
Price: $0 for Starting Memberships
Owners: Kyle and Carson

But read on…you want to know more.  I’ve got you covered.  Let me show you what I have experienced with Wealthy Affiliate…

Q. So What is Wealthy Affiliate Anyway?

A. Wealthy Affiliate is a service and community.

The service is second to none. They provide an extremely valuable platform to build an online business and all the training you need and more to go with it.   You are not limited.   You can choose to create your own unique business. Are you passionate about something?   You can build a business about it. Or maybe you are not sure? NO PROBLEM! Wealthy Affiliate has training that will be more direct for you and you can still learn to build your own online business!

 The community is everyone who has joined Wealthy Affiliate.   And let me tell you there are a lot of us. You are able to talk to each other and YES even the owners participate!   This is incredibly valuable and essential to success.   I have tried other programs that say they offer this kind of thing but once I’ve joined it’s been nothing like what they promised.   Wealthy Affiliate has delivered EVERYTHING they promised and more. I can tell you that that both Kyle and Carson have helped me personally on my journey and so have many other WA members who are part of this extraordinary community.   You can ask questions and learn from people who are doing it themselves.   From the newbie to the experts, we are all here to help.   It is a place where like-minded people are ready to help you in any way you need while you are on your way to success and beyond.

In fact just so you know exactly how I feel about it…..Wealthy Affiliate has become my new facebook. :)  Here’s a pic of my profile and chat when I was writing this so you can see 😉

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.26.52 PM.png


Feel free to check out my WA profile! 😉  CLICK HERE

Pro‘s vs. Cons


Ok so in all seriousness,  there are way too many pro’s to mention here and I’m not even sure what to put for cons.   Here are a few of my personal favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate…

  • FREE to Get Started
  • Easy to follow Video Tutorials
  • Live Chat help
  • Helpful Community Members
  • The Owners actually care about you and help you too!
  • Two Completely Free Websites
  • *Top Notch Fast Hosting Service

I could seriously go on and on.   So much Value is offered within the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

*THE HOSTING SERVICE IS ONE OF THE TOP REASONS I RECOMMEND WA.  It’s the best Hosting you can get…all included for just the Premium Membership cost.  Can’t beat it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.26.23 PM.png



This is not for anyone who is trying to get rich quick.

This is honestly and truly the only real con  I can give you.   If you are thinking there is some click button business out there,  keep searching.   It doesn’t exist.  Try WA out for yourself and please tell me if I am wrong.  I am all about honesty here and giving you the truth.    No get rich quick schemes or hype here.  If you are ready to learn the EASY steps it takes to build your online business then this is for you.


A.  LITERALLY ANYONE who wants to build themselves their own online business

To Quote Kyle the owner from WA…

”If you can butter toast, then you can build a business with wealthy affiliate!”

Take it from me…It’s true! So if you want to learn to make money online….you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the dark here.  All you have to do is get started!


Q. What type of training will I get when I join Wealthy Affiliate?

A.   That is a great question with an information-overload answer!

Wealthy affiliate provides the following in their training:

  • Live weekly training classes
  • Q and A sessions
  • Classrooms
  • Chats and Discussions
  • Video and Tutorial Training
  • Tasks and check lists After Each Course



One thing I love here at Wealthy Affiliate is how much opportunity there is for literally anyone because you can learn more than one business model and choose any theme.   So take your pick which route you are going to go in the training and you can learn to build a business that could generate a full time income.

OK so the training is great,  but you also need tools to help build your business.  You have research and writing to do for your website.  Guess what?  WA has you covered there too!   They provide a whole belt of tools you can use once you are a premium member! (And you have access to it for your first 7 days as a Free Member too so you can see all I’m talking about for yourself without paying a dime)

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • WordPress Express
  • Low Competition Keywords Lists
  • (Premium) Unlimited Cloud Hosting
  • Access to 1,000’s of website themes
  • Rapid Writer Tool (your content friend)


rapid writer



 EVERYTHING is included in your membership with Wealthy Affiliate. No hidden fees or charges here.

Wealthy Affiliate truly streamlines your business building processes.

It is truly an ALL INCLUSIVE business platform.

 Q.  What kind of support is offered?

A.  Fast and Quality Support -Read list below

Everyone knows you need support when it comes to having a business. I am here to declare that Wealthy Affiliate provides some top notch support for its members.   I have not been disappointed at all.

  • Support includes:
  • Live Chat 24/7 365 days a yr.
  • Discussion Groups
  • Q and A
  • Access to Community Experts (including the owners)

 One thing is for sure.   You won’t ever be alone and you will not feel lost or in the dark.   WA provides support like no one else I’ve ever experienced.

For example…

Below is a screen capture from a message Kyle the owner sent to me within 24 hrs of me writing and asking him for advice while building my website.   What program owner out there really does this?   In my experience this is a first!  And it wasn’t our last communication either!  I know I can talk to him at any time! 


I have also received so much support from members in Wealthy Affiliate!   They are so extremely supportive and helpful in every way!


Q. How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

A. It is $0 to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member and $47/mo or $359/yr to go Premium.  See Details below. :)

 The two price points for Wealthy Affiliate are listed below.

  1. Starter Membership -Cost $0

Starter Memberships give you access to most of the premium membership features FREE for 7 days including chat support, commenting, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, keyword tool, and did I mention 2 FREE websites!   Now say you don’t go premium in 7 days.  Well guess what?   You still have the 2 websites and your starter membership and can do with them as you please.   You can go see what I’m talking about right away!   All the features of the membership are invaluable so I’m sure you will want to consider the Premium Membership once you look around if you are serious.  If you DO join the premium membership in your first 7 days then you get a great discount on your first month as premium member.

I LOVE that it is FREE to join Wealthy Affiliate. I LOVE that you DON’T just have to just take MY word for it.   You can go see for yourself that what I’m saying is in fact TRUE without paying a dime! 



  1. Premium Membership – $47/mo or $359/yr

For me, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is a NO BRAINER if you want to build yourself a lasting online business.  I say this because I have tried lots of other programs and seriously WA is second to NONE!

Everything you’ll need to create your business is included at the ONE STOP SHOP Wealthy Affiliate.  When you join as a premium member you won’t have to worry about hosting fees, keyword tool fees, website builder fees, hiring help, or not having answers to your questions.   It is all included in the low monthly membership price.   I find that absolutely amazing.   It’s so refreshing to finally have a way to make things work for the average Joe at an affordable price.




 Wealthy Affiliate is by no means anything like a scam.

I am absolutely confident that you will love Wealthy Affiliate as much as I do when you join.   And even if you are just curious you CAN take a look for FREE, see everything that I’ve discussed and shown you for yourself and then decide if it is for you!   You seriously cannot lose by joining Wealthy Affiliate as a $0 Starter Member and EVERYTHING to gain! 

I can tell you one thing. If you want something LEGIT to build your online business at last….THIS IS IT!

 I am so glad to be able to tell you that

Wealthy Affiliate is TOTALLY LEGIT

My Recommendation

 I assume you are reading this because you want to start your own online business.   If so,  then I highly recommend that you JOIN FOR FREE right away because you seriously have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding my review.   I reply to all comments.

Sign up TODAY and I’ll be in touch!

 Remember you will never be alone!

 If you have already joined Wealthy Affiliate and would like to leave your own personal review in a comment I would love to hear it!  Also, if you join and find anything I have said to be untrue…please give me a holler too!  It is my hope that you have found this review helpful.  Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!  CHEERS to YOUR SUCCESS! :)



Writer’s Block

Definition of Writer’s Block


*the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

So Tonight I decided to write about the first thing that came to my head.   I couldn’t think of anything and then it dawned on me that I could write about that!   Writer’s Block!

I’d like to say it’s not a thing.     But it kind of is a thing.   Maybe that’s because we take stuff too seriously.     When it comes to writing for a blog you should first of all have a theme right?  So write something that adds value.     I mean in my mind giving a solution to writer’s block is valuable to anyone who is reading this blog.  So here is my attempt to talk on the subject.  :)

One thing I plan on doing is making lists of things I want to write about in the future so I have something to choose from on the days that I feel like my brain is blank.

But really I believe in being spontaneous too.  So that is why I think it’s good to just have fun with what you are doing and pull something out of your hat.   Take a walk first or do some pilates if you want.   But I say JUST WRITE.   You might not think it’s great but if it has some value and maybe some humor and most importantly if it’s YOU being real  I’d say it’s a successful writing .

So what is the cure to writer’s block?

In my opinion it’s this:


Eventually it will come to you….JUST WRITE  :)




Thoughts about Time

Time is a valuable thing. 


Time is something that I can’t figure out.    I kinda have a love hate relationship with time.   Time is a mirage.   It can seem long or short.   But one thing is for sure,  it is always passing.  You can’t go back in time.   It is always moving forward.   What you do with your time matters.   Sometimes it seems there is not enough time.   Then in other moments time can drag.    I think this comes from time being managed in ways that we don’t prefer or that are dictated to us.

What would you do with time freedom?


I created this website with a goal for myself.   I want time freedom.   Tonight I am thinking about how much I want to do with my life and how much I want to do once I reach the ultimate time freedom that I seek.     Right now I’m working on this website and juggling being a mom and working part time.   I don’t seem to have time for my favorite past times let alone finding a moment to myself.   If I had time freedom…I can see myself spending a whole day writing music,  or taking a weekend trip to get away, or going on a spontaneous mother/son date somewhere we’ve never been before.   I want to work out regularly,  play music, travel, do art, learn new instruments, collect  new instruments,  write books, read books,  be a mom who spends tons of quality time with her son..I want to live it up!  I want my dreams to be my reality and then dream some more!


When I was imagining the time freedom I’m working towards and all that I want to do when I get there I realized something important….Once I get there, it will still take discipline and hard work to manage my time and make my dreams become my reality.  My time will be free but in order to accomplish everything I want I will most definitely have to be organized and focused.



So really,  that means that even when I have little time, what matters the most is that I manage it well.   I must manage it in a way that will lead me to my goals.   If I learn to master my little time….imagine how pro I’ll be when I get to my goal of time freedom in life!


Just some thought tonight.

Have anything you want to add?  Leave me a comment.  I love discussing how to better manage time!