It has been some time since I have made a post here.   I want to write a really quick note for my readers.   This blog is not just about making money.  This blog is about succeeding.  This blog is about learning.  This blog is about helping others.   This blog is about NEVER GIVING UP!  I am excited for what the future holds.   I hope that  you can see I am a real girl here doing my thing and learning the ropes right in front of you to inspire both myself and you that it is entirely possible to do anything you put your mind to , in this case making money online.    Please know that I am here to help where I can and point you in the right direction.  I sincerely hope that you find my blog helpful and inspiring.   I hope to hear from you at some point.   You can do this thing.   I am going to be creating posts to show my real time income from this blog.   Right now I am still in the very early stages.  But I want you, dear readers to know that this is as real as you are gonna get.  I’m showing you my journey real time.  I am not here to make a buck off of you.   I’m here to show the world what can be done.    I’ve been away for a little while,  but I am back.   I will NEVER GIVE UP!