The Power of Positive Habits

The power of positive habits is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately in regards to getting things done in life.

I want to share a little story about me to illustrate how  habits and  choices are very influential in creating our realities.

I hope this will be a little mojo for you.  :)


Once upon a time I never wanted to be a model.  But I became a model.

Yeah I NEVER wanted to be a model.   In fact, back in the day me and my sisters and friends would look at magazines and make fun of the hi fashion models.   I remember laughing and laughing at the pictures and mocking the poses.   All that to say.   I NEVER dreamed I would ever become  a model in a thousand years.

Somehow I got talked into giving it a shot.   I remember the first time I did a photo shoot for my portfolio.  I’m not even sure what made me do it besides my friend telling me I should.   I was clueless and really the pictures were not good even for Christmas portraits I swear…

I ended up doing a little bit of lifestyle type photo shoots because they liked my smile.  But really I had a very boring and rather embarrassing portfolio that I put up on Model Mayhem at my friends suggestion.

Then one day a photographer who is now a good friend of mine found my portfolio on Model Mayhem and wrote to me.   She liked to find potential hi fashion models on model mayhem and help them build amazing portfolio’s.  She invited me to one of her portfolio building events and long story short…the rest is history.

I never imagined I would ever become and call myself a model.


Fast forward to today…I actually LOVE modeling!    As I mentioned..I wasn’t really trying to become a model when I started at all,  but once I went to a few shoots and learned a few things I actually ENJOYED it.   And after a few years of shooting when requested and being part of a port building group,  I had done a significant amount of work and had good experience and pictures.   It dawned on me one day that I was a good model and new my art really well!

I never even made it a goal to be a model and yet somehow here I was…I WAS A MODEL!

How did that happen?


I started thinking about some of the goals I had for my life.   If I had become a model and it wasn’t even one of my goals.   What did I do to make that happen?   It wasn’t by chance.

How could I make other dreams and goals happen for me?

I started thinking about it…and realized that HABITS made things happen for me.   Habits I had made unintentionally.   Imagine what I could do if I made habits with intention!?

I realized I had formed some habits that really made a difference in getting from point A to point B.



Habits…those powerful little things!

I decided to make a point of making habits and daily choices that would translate into success for other goals in my life.

You CAN do whatever you put your mind to.  Just  make some habits that aim you in the right direction!

Here are the top 3 habits I formed that I believe can translate to success for any  goal!

  1.  I had a ton of fun and found a passion
  2.  I did steady work
  3.  I became friends with people in the industry and learned from those who I admired and wanted to become like.  

I hope you can see that you can really do anything you want to in life.  Make up your mind to do a thing, make some powerful positive habits, and make it happen!

Side not : If making a new habit seems hard…I heard it takes 21 days to form a habit.   After that it won’t be work anymore haha. 😉

I hope that you find encouragement from reading this and motivation to live your life doing all you can to be all you can be. 😉

What are your goals!?  What are you gonna do to make your habits get you there!?

Please feel free to write to me!

Let me know what your great goals are for your personal business!  I believe in you!



Cheers!  B